Fire and smoke detection system
for homes in high-risk areas

Do you want to increase you family’s the level of safety?
Are you fed up with unexpected evacuations?

SmokeD detectors are also intended for individual customers. You can easily install it on the roof of your home and we will provide you with constant support from our team.

The detector monitors the area around your home in order to detect smoke or fire. When it detects a fire, it immediately sends an alert to your phone. You can warn your neighbors and call the fire services, providing them with the exact location of the threat.

Quick detection means a good chance to extinguish the fire before it becomes difficult to control.

We can conduct a GIS analysis for you, just send us a message! 🙂

This way, we will be able to precisely assess the costs of your own fire detection system.

Benefits for individual clients of using Smoked detector system for home:

Automatic fire alarm and detection system

Easy installation – you can do it by yourself!

24/7 fire and smoke detector monitoring

Automatic notifications

Flexible purchasing formula (leasing available)

See what you can gain by
installing SmokeD!

Check out this video from our
webinar for local communities!

SmokeD Alerts mobile app

The SmokeD Alerts app allows to directly access the footage from detectors. The user immediately receives a notification of an incoming threat. The app sends notifications, including maps with the exact location of the wildfire, pictures from a detector and its brief description. The user can notify their co-workers about the fires by sharing the alert, via text messages, social media, or e-mails (depending on the user’s needs). The SmokeD Alerts app is linked to all public and private detectors.

A visual example of what using the SmokeD app looks like on a phone