Drone detection system for firefighting

Automatic drone-powered smoke detection
is a solution for companies specializing in protecting the environment or utilizing outdoor infrastructure.
SmokeD Drone is the perfect complement to our SmokeD automatic smoke detection system.

Two variants of drones for early fire detection

SmokeD Drone

Drones detection device for early wildfire - how it helps

This solution is based on a professional tethered drone that is used as a mobile fire mast. It detects smoke or flames in places without specialist fire infrastructure and in areas with varied topography that might be difficult to monitor.

Drone detection technology as a part of SmokeD System

The drone, hovering at a height of 40 meters (and up to 80 meters), monitors an area of 1000 square km. It can run for many hours, with a recommended 15-minute break after each 4-hour surveillance period. After take-off, the drone reaches the desired height in around 10 minutes and it switches to automatic mode during which the ground operator is no longer required. When the drone detects a threat, it sends an alert with an exact location of the fire to the users of SmokeD Alerts, SmokeD Web, and SmokeD Desktop apps.

SmokeD drone detection equipment - see what technology we use

SmokeD Drone Pro:
– provides 24/7 automatic fire detection
– hovers steadily in the air
– is wind-resistant
– has an advanced image stabilization system
– can be permanently installed on the rear of the pickup truck or used as a portable and independent unit
– can be used as a professional transmission kit for crisis management
– doesn’t need an experienced drone pilot (proper eligibility / license depends on local law)

SmokeD Drone

This solution consists of a drone and a mobile app. It lets you precisely locate the fire and shortens the time needed to reach the place of the incident.

The application is intended for field workers who need to be immediately informed about the exact location of the threat. This way they can be at the right place quicker when the fire is easy to control and extinguish.

The app is installed on your mobile device. It lets you control the drone and preview its footage on your smartphone. Once a fire is detected, you can initiate a fully automatic assessment procedure with just one tap. Afterwards, you may send the picture with the detected incident as well as the coordinates of the fire to anyone. Because of that, we are shortening the time required to reach the affected location, and eliminating the possibility of wandering around the area, looking for the fire.

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