Fire watch cameras - wireless and remote wildfire detectors

Smoke and fire camera detectors with AI and machine learning algorithms

The SmokeD early wildfire detection system uses innovative solutions to automate the process of detecting and reporting fires. With sensitive camera detectors and AI-based fire recognition methods, our devices provide accurate and automatic alerts in case of fire within the monitored area. The system continuously analyzes video footage to notify you of potential risks as soon as possible.

Five detectors installed in one location provide complete 24/7 coverage of the surrounding area within a radius of min. 10 miles. The average fire detection time by the SmokeD system is 10 minutes, but the exact time may vary depending on local terrain and weather conditions. We can prepare a GIS analysis and tailor our solutions to your specific needs to give you and your property the optimal level of protection against wildfires.

What are the benefits of our wildfire and smoke detection cameras?

Professional automatic detectors for early fire and smoke detection

The SmokeD wildfire detector consists of a camera module with an infrared filter, a microcomputer, and other sensors like a GPS, compass, as well as light intensity sensor. It’s a professional tool perfect for business and private properties in high-risk areas, cities, and national parks. Quick and automatic alerts give you enough time to evacuate premises and increase the chance of containing fires in their early stages to effectively avoid the loss of human life and assets.

24/7 data collection and support

The set of hardware installed on site consists of two elements: detectors with sensitive optical sensors and a Remote Control Box (RCB). The detectors are responsible for data collection. Our sophisticated cameras are capable of detecting flames even at night, providing you with 24/7 protection. And thanks to the RCB, our support team can supervise and manage the detectors remotely. This means that if there are any problems with the proper operation of the system, we can resolve them remotely as long as the devices are connected to the Internet.

Early fire detection system based on artificial intelligence

Once the detectors and the RCB are installed and connected to the Internet, they send the collected data to an external server. The servers are the heart of the system because that is where the main analyses are conducted. They include sophisticated algorithms and AI models that are responsible for image analysis. The use of artificial intelligence speeds up the process and makes it possible to quickly recognize potential signs of fire. As soon as smoke or flames are detected, the system sends alerts to the users through the web or mobile application right away.

Reliability that is constantly improving

AI and machine learning are crucial parts of the SmokeD wildfire detection system. Thanks to them, the entire detection process is constantly evolving and improving its reliability. How does it work? Our advanced machine-learning algorithms enable the system to compare data and learn to eliminate potential errors, reduce reaction time, spot the earliest signs of fire, and adapt to different terrains and locations. As a result, the SmokeD detectors become wiser and more effective with time.

Easy installation of the SmokeD smoke/fire detector

The installation is easy and doesn’t require any additional infrastructure. The SmokeD camera detectors can be installed on roofs, chimneys, poles, and other high structures. However, for the system to function properly, it is essential to find a location that offers an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape.

What is required for the installation? Electric power and an Internet connection are needed. If the area has no electricity or Internet connection, you can connect the detectors to independent sources. Remember that each detector provides a field of view of 82 degrees. This means that for the detection system to cover the entire 360 degrees, you need to install 5 detectors.

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SmokeD Camera basic features

camera resolution

12.3MPx, 4056 x 3040

Horizontal Field of View

one detector – 82 degrees, need 5 detectors to cover 360 degrees

global positioning system

GPS module

IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit)

Detector position sensor, measures direction

Data transmission

bandwidth requirements

1,5 Mbps per detector unit

Power requirements

input voltage

36V to 56V PoE

minimum watts



Power over Ethernet

RJ45 connection


standalone power system

connect to 48V solar or other off-the-grid power source

Camera dimensions

length / width / height

15.4” / 5.4” / 4.6”

Camera weight

weight with standard bracket

3.7 pounds

Camera bracket

features, dimensions

length / width / height

8” / 1.8” / 4”

metal bracket

durable, weather proof

adjustable vertical & horizontal smooth multi-stage vertical & horizontal casing



up & down, left & right


no new infrastructure required

install on building, tower or other structure

stand alone power system

connect to 48V solar or other off-the-grid power source