Automatic fire and smoke detection system

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Wildfire detection system and smoke detectors – how does it work?

We have developed an automatic forest fire early detection system for organizations and companies that want to protect their sites and facilities from fire.

The SmokeD detectors are sophisticated devices intended for early fire detection and immediate notification of users about their occurrence. For that purpose artificial intelligence (AI) has been applied resulting in fast, effective, and accurate detection of smoke and flames up to 10 miles.
The main purpose of SmokeD System is to detect fires before they become too large for their effective control.
SmokeD detectors monitor the area 24/7. When they detect smoke or flames, they automatically send an alert with the exact location of the fire to the users of the web or mobile app. The fire is detected within 10 minutes, so there is a high probability that it will be extinguished before it can get out of control.

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SmokeD wildfire and smoke detecors

Installed on high roofs or masts, equipped with AI provides automatic early fire detection.

SmokeD applications

SmokeD web application used by companies – created for dispatchers in alarm and dispatch centers.

SmokeD Alerts Mobile application for everyone who wants to be informed about the fire directly from their smartphones.

SmokeD Drone

Includes a drone that is for users who want to detect fires in areas difficult to monitor (forests, plantations).

The City of Hidden Hills, California, USA
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"The City of Hidden Hills, after suffering the Woolsey Fire of late 2018, purchased 2 SmokeD Systems cameras and installed them on the highest hill in our city (…). We have been alerted early to several nearby bushfires and even a house fire in a neighbouring community. (…). The SmokeD Systems cameras have been a comfort to our staff and our City."

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