They function 24/7, night and day. At night, they are able to detect flames. During the day, they detect both flames and smoke.

The system will inform you of the threat within 10 minutes after its first signs appear in the pictures taken by the detector. Once flames or smoke are detected, the system will automatically send you a notification with a picture and the location of the fire.

One camera can detect wildfire within 15 km, one installation covers around 350,000 m2, depending on the surrounding conditions, such as the density of nearby architecture etc. Our cameras should be installed around two meters above the vegetation, however it depends on the area (e.g. hills). It requires clear horizontal view and GIS analysis is preferred.

Its horizontal range equals to 15 km (~9.3 miles) and 80 degrees. For a full 360 coverage, you need to install five detectors.

The detector is static with a range of view of about 82 degrees. It is not rotating. To cover 360 degrees you need 5 detectors.

Yes, you can find it via our SmokeD Alerts mobile app. It is free to download and available both in Google Play and AppStore shop apps. Some of our customers set their detectors to private mode – meaning their footage is available only to them.

It depends on the owner. If they prefer to set the detector to private mode, they are allowed to do so, however, in some cases, we strongly advise to keep the camera footage publicly available for common good.

Private detectors are available to an enclosed group of users created by the customer. Public detectors are available for every user who has an account in our system.

Our system allows to set private zones within the image. Selected private zones in the image are blurred so we are able to avoid privacy violations. Private zones are set by our administrators at the request of the user.

Before each delivery, we make sure our components fit the infrastructure on site. Once we checked all the most important points, such as power and Internet sources, we start proceeding your order. Usually, it takes around two weeks.

Yes, we offer full 24/7 support as well as warranty. Additionally, we have a separate system that informs us about the state of any given camera. Should there be a power or Internet outage in your area, our team will be immediately notified and we will get in touch with you to make sure you are aware of it. We also help with the installation, activation, and management of your detectors, if it’s needed.

Our support team works 24/7. It replies to inquiries within 8 hours. In case of a hardware failure, SmokeD will ship it for replacement.

Yes. For more details, please send us an e-mail at office@smokedsystem.com.

We have implemented it in the USA, Australia, Guatemala and Indonesia. You can directly check out some of them via our SmokeD Alerts mobile app (available for free).

The image provided as live-view is a single image sent every two minutes from the detector to the detection algorithms and the app. Additional cameras and sensors utilized for infrastructure monitoring will be sending extra frames depending on the connection speed.

Only by authorized users. The photo can be saved and shared on social media directly from the app.

In the web application, the dispatcher can set whether the detector is private or public and they can change the name of the detector that is visible in the system.

The SmokeD team prepares routers and other hardware for the system to function properly.

SmokeD Team provides the equipment for the proper working of the SmokeD System. Costs of internet consumption are on the client’s side.

The SmokeD system consists of specialist hardware (detectors), software with AI installed on external servers and end-user apps. It is possible to utilize non-vendor cameras, however we cannot guarantee the right level of false-positive alerts.

We install our own equipment (detectors) and then the images are sent to the servers for analysis; we do not require additional servers/computers.