SmokeD System


AI-powered computer enclosed within a camera


SmokeD System

The SmokeD Intelligent Wildfire Detection System by IT for Nature is unparalleled in it’s ability to provide
real-time surveillance and rapid detection of wildfires in forest areas.

Cost effective wildfire detection is a critical need more then ever before. When a wildfire starts in a forest
area, every minute counts! Typical wildfires are known to double in size every 5 minutes.

With high winds and excessive dry fuels, fires can grow even faster to rapidly reach an uncontrolled state.
As wildfires increase in frequency and intensity worldwide, wildfire detection can often be more important
then wildfire prevention when fires are unpreventable.

Early detection and suppression saves precious forests, natural habitats, wildlife, homes, assets, lives and fire
control costs.

Token Distribution
Token Distribution

How SmokeD System works

SmokeD System is composed of our custom cameras and a software backed up by AI technologies. Cameras
input is streamed to our algorithms, which automatically detect smoke and flames. The system is designed in
a way which makes it operational in many different areas.

No need for expensive infrastructure
Camera can be easily installed on a roof, wall or chimney - the only condition is a good terrain visibility
No need to employ additional workers - you can install the camera all by yourself!
You can keep an eye on a live camera view on SmokeD website or in SmokeD Alerts App
Smoke can be detected from a distance up to 10 miles
Automatic notification about detected wildfires on your mobile
You might need standard switch PoE and RJ45 connector

Statistics Demonstrate SmokeD System Reliability

The average wildfire detection time with SmokeD software is 10.5 min for all detected wildfires including low definition camera systems connected to the SmokeD software. The average wildfire detection time with SmokeD high definition (HD) cameras is 4.5 min using 2K or 4K resolution and images every 3-5 seconds.

Detection time including 2016 and 2017 wildfires in Poland and USA