About us

Our mission is to help in the protection of human lives and areas potentially affected by wildland fires.

„In the beginning not too many people believed in the success of our project. Some thought it was absurd to try to develop it since over 90% of fire alerts originate from testimonies of occasional witnesses of the fires. But what if a fire has not been noticed for hours since its ignition? During that time it could already have consumed thousands of acres.”


Artur Matuszczak 
SmokeD Founder

Artur Matuszczak is one of the original SmokeD founders. Artur has worked for many years on developing SmokeDetection, a prototype of SmokeD which has been operational in Poland. Experience gained during development of the SmokeDetection system has greatly helped him in developing the intelligent tool - SmokeD. SmokeD is based on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and deep learning. At present SmokeD is probably the most advanced and sophisticated system for early fire detection. A team of talented programmers started developing algorithms and artifical intelligence for early smoke detection in 2010.

After several years, we developed an efficient tool able to reliably detect fires within several minutes, rarely producing false alarms caused by clouds, fog, or smog. Continuous advances in informatics allow us to continuously improve our system. We believe that we already have developed a unique system on a global scale which is critically needed. Therefore, we put 100% of our energy into further improvement and refinement of SmokeD. We hope that SmokeD will have an important role in fighting wildfires worldwide. Our solution to early detection of wildfires can be used not only in the United States. We can install our SmokeD detectors everywhere where wildfires cause a threat to people, their property, and nature.



Founder CEO at SmokeD

"I’m an experienced manager and I have been leading for a few projects regarding IT solutions for forestry and public safety. I've graduated Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Forestry. The beginning of my business life wasn’t easy - I started as a handyman, then I used to be a programmer, sales-man and a manager. Now, I’m a President for SmokeD and I’m glad to be a leader of a great international team involved in wildfire detection. I’m incredibly fortunate that I have a wonderful wife and two kids. "


Senior Advisor at IT for Nature

„I have received my MSc in food chemistry at the Warsaw Agricultural University, Warsaw, Poland, and PhD in natural sciences at the Silesian University in Katowice, Poland. I have worked over 40 years as a research scientist investigating effects of air pollution and climate change on forests in North America and Europe. These studies included investigations of chemistry of wildland fire smoke and its effects on terrestrial ecosystems. My last research position was a Senior Scientist at the USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station in Riverside, California. I maintain a position of a Senior Scientist Emeritus with the USDA Forest Service.”

Terry Levesque

Business Development Manager at IT for Nature

„I am an American businessman working as a Consultant with clients in the U.S. and worldwide. I received my BA from Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan. My second language is Japanese. My business expertise includes both international and domestic market strategies, logistics, product development and venture capital possibilities. I have been involved in the development and testing SmokeD with various companies. I reside in Riverside, CA."

Wildfires often result in irreversible losses.
Help us to protect human lives and nature!

Detect and inform.
Save lives.

The SmokeD Early Wildfire Detection System by IT for Nature is unparalleled in its ability to provide real-time surveillance and rapid detection of wildfires in forest areas.