Wildfire detector or just a fire camera?

30 Lis 2020

Monitoring is improving our safety, even if cameras record just the images. This is why they are being installed everywhere – in the dark corners of offices and busy streets alike. They help us see places our sight cannot reach. Live recording is a powerful tool used to fight crime but it is also a perfect way to monitor any changes in the surrounding environment.

A camera has to live! 

Even though cameras are a very useful tool, nowadays, they are simply not enough – it is a necessary piece of equipment should we need to record images but, more often than not, users’ needs are much higher than that. A camera has recorded a thief stealing a car – so what? Would not it be better for the camera to take a picture and instantly alert the owner or the police?

Apart from just image recording, new monitoring systems are equipped with additional sensors or software that reacts only in certain situations. The camera is constantly recording the image but it is an additional motion sensor that turns on the alarm. This is also when a notification is sent to the owner of the monitored property. Cameras used to detect forest wildfires should be no different.

Toilets are the enemies of successful wildfire detection

A camera mounted atop a mast does not necessarily have to detect smoke. Should we wish to use this tool to watch over an area and protect it from wildfires, someone or something would have to constantly monitor what is happening on the horizon. A very popular solution used all over the world involves installing said cameras on top of masts and hiring someone to analyze their live recordings on multiple screens. However, this method is only partially effective and extremely expensive. What would happen if an operator stopped looking at the screen, dozed off, or went to the toilet?

Human possibilities are limited

In order to avoid the above scenarios, the alarm center might hire more employees. Alas, even this solution comes with disadvantages. How many cameras can be watched at the same time by just one person? From my experience, I can attest, as few as three cameras drastically lower the effectiveness of an operator. Whereas six cameras render the whole process simply ineffective. Taking into account comfortable working conditions and the limitations of a human being, one operator should not analyze the recordings of more than three cameras at the same time, otherwise, they will not be able to detect smoke and react in a proper fashion.

Automatic wildfire detection with SmokeD to replace people?

What if human eyes were to be replaced by specialist software with artificial intelligence? And what if it would automatically raise the alarm, should it detect incoming wildfire? 

Well, maybe humans would no longer be needed in this part of the wildfire detection process but their responsibilities would shift to meeting appropriate decisions after the alarm was raised.

Thanks to the SmokeD system, only one person would be required to work in an alarm center and they would be able to monitor hundreds or even thousands of detectors at the same time. But wait, there is more! There will be no need for an alarm center at all after you have installed the SmokeD system! It will automatically detect any danger and send a notification directly to the owner’s smartphone.

Have you got a camera that can only record images? Do not just keep looking at the screen, waiting for a wildfire to appear – install SmokeD Wildfire Detector and use your tools exclusively to verify the alarms!