About system

The SmokeD detectors are sophisticated devices intended for early fire detection and an immediate notification of users about their occurrence. For that purpose artifical intelligence (AI) has been applied resulting in fast, effective, and accurate detection of smoke and flames up to 10 miles.

The main purpose of SmokeD systems is to detect fires before they become too large for their effective control. The system is aimed at individual, government, and corporate users.

Early Wildfire Detection System consists of:



Web and
Mobile App

Installation of the SmokeD detectors is straightforward. It requires finding a site with a good overview of the surrounding landscape. Detectors can be installed on roofs or chimneys of house structures, or even better on poles or towers with an unobstructed view of large areas. Electric power and internet connection are needed. When 4 detectors are installed in the same location, a complete coverage of the surrounding area within a radius of 10 miles is provided day and night.

Alerts, images from the detectors and maps of the monitored areas are provided by two applications:

SmokeD Alerts mobile app

This is a smartphone app for notifying its users about detected fires. This app allows for seeing the detected smoke or flames with the coordinates of fires. The SmokeD Alerts app will allow its users to notify their family or co-workers about the fires via text messages, Twitter, or Facebook. This app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple Store to iOS users, and from Google Store to Android users.

Download on the App Store

SmokeD Web app

This app, working on an internet browser, is designed for users of multiple detectors, especially in fire dispatch centers. The SmokeD Web app users will have access to all images generated within the SmokeD detectors network and to maps of the monitored areas. This allows the SmokeD Web users to overview the fire status in their area of concern at any given moment. After a fire alert has been generated, the SmokeD Web users can notify firefighting authorities, land managers and co-workers about the emerging fire. The SmokeD Web interacts with the mobile phone SmokeD Alerts allowing for a quick and effective notification of local residents about fire hazards.


Fast detection
of fire

24/7 continuous

Minimal number
of false alerts

Precision of
fire location

Premium warranty

This warranty covers the hardware and is valid for 12 months. The service includes replacement of detectors with new units shipped within two working days.

The SmokeD Early Wildfire Detection System by IT for Nature is unparalleled in its ability to provide real-time surveillance and rapid detection of wildfires in forest areas.