Detection based on pictures taken by SmokeD detectors – this service provides server access and the ability to analyze data obtained from the detectors. It is uses the latest AI model updates.


This service allows for sending alerts to the end-users via text messages, emails and the mobile app.


The user has access to the time-lapse videos of every detected wildfire. The time-lapse videos start with pictures taken about 1 hour before the fire started.

24/7 technical support

The SmokeD detectors are monitored and checked continuously. In the case of a detector malfunctioning, the IT for Nature tech team solves the occurring problem remotely. The tech team is accessible to our customers 24/7.


With this service the internal software is updated as needed. The IT for Nature tech team is responsible for upgrading the software. Information on each upgrade is sent to our users.


All pictures from the SmokeD detectors are stored on external servers for 12 months. During that time our customers have access to them. Images of a detected wildfire are stored permanently.

Premium warranty

This warranty covers the hardware and is valid for 12 months. The service includes replacement of detectors with new units shipped within two working days.

The SmokeD Early Wildfire Detection System by IT for Nature is unparalleled in its ability to provide real-time surveillance and rapid detection of wildfires in forest areas.